Building community since 1887

Get to Know Armbrae Academy

Our university preparatory program, including AP (Advanced Placement), prepares students for admission to the top universities in Canada as well as the United States, Europe, and Asia. Our graduating students are admitted to their university of choice and nearly all receive scholarships.

Proven Academic Program

Our Preschool to Grade 12 enrolment is purposely limited to 296 students with one class per grade. Everyone knows each other and older and younger students often work together on projects. The entire school has a daily assembly, unique to Armbrae, and this helps foster our family environment. Parents are always welcome in the school buildings.

Close-knit Community

We believe that if students are committed to activities and teams and are willing to put in the time required to practise and improve, they should get to be a part of the activity or team. This encourages students to explore areas of interest they might otherwise not ever try and to become competitive in those areas.

An Inclusive Approach

With a limit of twenty students from Primary to Grade 6, and no more than twenty-two through Grade 12, our teachers get to know their students so well that they can work with each student's needs and learning style while delivering an enriched program.

Small Class Size

Great Things Happen Here

Meet our Students and Staff

Students, parents, and staff agree that what they love most about Armbrae is our community. There is a sense of camaraderie and unity in our small school, where each student is known and nurtured.

Beyond Academics

Armbrae Offerings

We’re known for our strong academic program, but we believe education should go beyond that. With offerings in the arts, athletics, debating, community service, and global opportunities, we offer students an enriched, balanced, and well-rounded experience.

A Thriving Arts Program

Armbrae has one of the most innovative drama programs in the country. As Company in Residence, Zuppa Theatre Co. coordinates the extra-curricular drama program at the school, which produces four shows each year.

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Athletics for All

All students are encouraged to participate on sports teams at Armbrae. Our inclusive approach fosters a high participation rate. We expect out teams to compete to win but always with a spirit of fair play. We offer a wide variety of team and individual sports.

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