Junior School Music

The Grade Primary to Six music program is based on two fundamental principles. The first and most important is that all the students will experience the joy of making music. The second is that each student will learn the necessary skills to sing and to play musical instruments. Many higher brain functions such as abstract and spatial thought must be mastered in order to accomplish these goals. Through the playing and singing of songs, students gain an understanding of the musical language and how it reflects the type of music that is being performed. Creativity and expression are also key components of the program. Students learn to improvise and to try things they have never done before. Public performances are also part of the program. We have two main performances per year: a musical play and an instrumental concert.

In addition to the curricular program described above Armbrae has two extra-curricular singing groups, the Armbrae Singers (Grades 1 & 2) and the Armbrae Choir (Grades 3 – 6). These groups meet weekly to learn all about singing and performing in front of an audience. They perform at various school events throughout the year.

Senior School Music

The Armbrae Band is open to students from Grades 6 – 12. They meet once a week and perform at the school at various events throughout the year.

Music Lessons

Private music lessons are offered in piano, guitar and voice. For more information contact Daniel LeBlanc.