Art Classroom

The art classroom is located in the AARC. It is a south facing classroom and contains perfect light for making art. The classroom is equipped with a full set of drawing easels (used for both drawing and painting), a complete set of printing making tools, and a pottery kiln. The kiln is used in both junior and senior schools for making hand-built functional and decorative clay objects.

Mezzanine Art Gallery & Workspace

The mezzanine just outside the art room door is where students are able to "spread their creative wings," and comes to life with the making of larger objects. It also serves as an Art Gallery and hosts the yearly art show of both junior and senior schools.

Abby Bryant Stage

Many musical and drama productions take place on the Abby Bryant Stage. It is a visually appealing space and is equipped with a state of the art sound system. It is the location of our commencement ceremony, December musical, talent show, special assemblies, Shakespeare festival, senior school production, music concerts, recitals, grade primary graduation, and various other events.

Music Pavilion

The Music Pavilion is a wonderful space to experience music. It was designed with very favourable acoustic properties and it is equipped with a wide variety of musical instruments. Up-to-date audio technologies allow recording and publishing of student work.

The pavilion is also sound proof; therefore the students can make their music as loud as possible or enjoy complete silence.