Ways to Give

For questions, or to make a pledge, please e-mail Jennifer Wilkie or call (902) 423-7920 ext. 224. Our address is Armbrae Academy, 1400 Oxford Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 3Y8.

An Improved Giving Opportunity

In the Spring of 2006, the Canadian Government announced a budget which provides an exciting tax-saving opportunity for donors. Effective May 2006, there is no longer any capital gains tax on gifts of publicly-traded shares, bonds, mutual fund units and employee stock options donated to registered charities.

Gifts of publicly-traded securities are a way of supporting Armbrae and we are pleased that you will now receive even greater tax benefits for your generous support.

To illustrate: You purchased shares at a price of $10,000 and the fair market value of the stock has risen to $15,000. When you donate the stock to Armbrae, the school will issue you a tax receipt in the amount of $15,000. You will no longer be required to pay tax on the $5,000 gain. Previously, 25% of the gain would have been taxable.

We hope this exciting news will encourage you to consider making a gift of securities to help provide unique educational opportunities for the students of Armbrae. Such a gift could be part of your annual giving contribution, support for a capital project, or perhaps a family endowed fund.

Please consult your tax advisor or call the Development Office if you are considering this vehicle to support the school.