On Wednesday, the Student Council led by Matt and Caylee, offered students in Grades 3 to 6 the opportunity to participate in a Science Olympics. Twenty-five students split into five teams attempted to build a bridge out of spaghetti, a device to stop an egg breaking and a tower made of straws. They then tested their creations to see how they faired against the other teams. It was a great afternoon and there are some creative engineers in our midst.

Our students are not just students of writing, but award winning authors! On Wednesday afternoon, nine award winning writers from Armbrae Academy received recognition from the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia in a ceremony at Government House. Danica, Saoirse, Ashton, James, Hannah, Casey E., Rowen, Casey W. and Harnoor were all prize winners in the Queen's Commonwealth Writing Competition. His Honour Arthur Leblanc and Her Honour Rosemarie Leblanc congratulated the students on their accomplishment. The competition is the world's oldest and largest English language writing competition. Our students were chosen from over 12,000 entrants from the 53 Commonwealth countries. The writing was judged by an expert panel of professors and authors in London, England. Well done, writers! (Mr. Jager)

The Primary Class has been learning about Animals in Winter in Science this term. We've been talking about animals that hibernate, migrate and adapt to winter conditions in order to survive. Recently, we've been focusing on hibernation and specifically the body changes hibernating animals undergo. With the help of the Grade 6 class, we completed an experiment on heart rate. We took our own heart rates using an app on the ipads after some quiet storytime, then completed a 7 minute workout and took it again! We reflected on how higher heart rates require more energy and connected the low heart rates of hibernating animals to energy conservation. Did you know: A brown bat's active heart rate can be 400-700 beats per minute, but only 7-10 beats per minute during hibernation? Thanks so much to the Grade 6 class for helping us with this experiment! (Mrs. Murray)

The Grade 3 class was treated to a day of 'Sharing Dance' workshops at Halifax Dance put on by the Canadian National Ballet School. During the day the students were introduced to many different music and movement styles. They worked in groups with students from two other schools; the afternoon culminated in fantastic group presentations of their choreographed pieces. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. (Mrs. Brambley)

Wednesday was an exciting day where a huge number of students and teachers dressed up for Halloween. Costumes ranged from witches to astronauts to fairies. The effort that the students and teachers put into their costumes was truly amazing. In the morning, we had a visit from Constable Sara Carter to talk to the students about Halloween safety. She answered lots of great questions and gave excellent advice on how to stay safe on Halloween night. In the afternoon, all Junior School students participated in a number of Halloween activities. Lots of fun was had by all. Thank you to the Student Council for organizing a great afternoon.

The Grade 6s recently completed a lab on microorganisms. It was truly incredible how much life could be seen moving within one drop of liquid. The students created wet slides and found amoeba, paramecium and euglena. We have a new respect for the incredible layers of life around us.... and for the value of hand washing and clean water! (Mr. Jager)

The Grade Three class had a special visitor this week. Miss Barnes joined us for our Science lesson. We have been learning about the life of Alexander Graham Bell and how, despite all his significant inventions, he thought of himself as a "teacher of the deaf." Miss Barnes taught us some sign language and we all now know the alphabet, counting to 15 and how to introduce ourselves. Thank you to Miss Barnes for sharing her knowledge with us.

After two cancellations due to weather, the Grade 1 and 2 classes finally got to go apple picking on Monday. It was a beautiful day and fun was had by all. Children enjoyed a wagon ride, picking apples and running around in the orchard. All students brought home a bag of apples that they personally picked. Hopefully, a few apple pies were baked this week.

Kate Botten, a current Grade 9 student, has been caring for seven quail eggs in the Senior School Science Lab. Last week all seven eggs hatched and seven tiny quails survived. This is a terrific accomplishment as it is typical for only 50% of the hatchlings to survive. Kate has been allowing different grades to take care of the quails for a day and has also been providing a talk for each class about quails. She has done a great job!