Election Day in Canada is fast approaching and students from Grades 3-12 were able to participate in the Elections Canada Student Vote today. The Grade 9s presented some of the key issues from each party at assembly this week and each class has been following the election with their teachers. It will be interesting to see how our results at Armbrae will compare to the national results on Monday.

The Grade Six class had an incredible day on Wednesday as they were fortunate enough to be able to attend We Day Atlantic! It was an amazing day filled with motivational speakers, fantastic musicians and fabulous dancers. Speakers included Craig Kielburger, Margaret Trudeau and Toronto Raptors Super-fan Nav Bhatia who talked to the crowd about facing negativity with positivity. There was a lot to take away from our experience at We Day including: always reach for your dreams, be true to yourself, be kind, help others and always stand up for what you believe in.

A huge thank you to the APA for all the fun events this week! The students thoroughly enjoyed making scarecrows on the turf and the Harvest Breakfast. The kids were also amazed with the transformation of our turf into a pumpkin patch on Thursday!

With the federal election quickly approaching, many of our classes have been learning a lot about the election process in Canada. This week the Grades 3, 5 and 9 classes were very fortunate and had a visit from Andy Fillmore who is the Liberal candidate in Halifax. The students were all very engaged during this visit and were able to ask him some very interesting questions.

The Grade Six class had a fascinating Science Class this week where they learned how to extract DNA from strawberries!

It was a gorgeous day for the ACIS cross country meet at Point Pleasant Park on Thursday! It was amazing to watch the Grade 3-6 students run and try their best. It was also incredible to see so our students cheer on and support their fellow classmates. Armbrae is a running school and we certainly put our best feet forward at this meet with many of our runners coming in the top 5!

The entire school participated in the annual Terry Fox Run on Thursday. We gathered together in the AARC to watch an inspirational video about Terry's message and his Marathon of Hope. We then set off on our 5K walk/run to Point Pleasant Park. The APA was very kind and met us at the half way point with popsicles! I know we were all inspired by Terry's message and were mindful of that as we walked.

Iron filings, the substance we used with magnetism, has a very strong magnetic force. When we put a magnet in my desk and iron filings on top, the iron filings followed the magnet that was moving inside my desk. When you hold a magnet approximately 4cm above iron filings, the iron filings jump up and attach themselves to the magnet. The magnetism goes through the desk so I could control the iron filings from inside the desk! Iron filings are also attracted to some types of metal like most scissor blades. Iron filings can do interesting things! (Lisa, Grade 5)

The Grade 1 & 2 classes had a fabulous day in the valley Thursday for their annual apple picking trip. They went to Gates U-Pick in Port Williams where they got to have a wagon ride in the orchard and pick a bag of apples to bring home. I think there will be plenty of apple pies and apple crisps made this weekend!