After two cancellations due to weather, the Grade 1 and 2 classes finally got to go apple picking on Monday. It was a beautiful day and fun was had by all. Children enjoyed a wagon ride, picking apples and running around in the orchard. All students brought home a bag of apples that they personally picked. Hopefully, a few apple pies were baked this week.

Kate Botten, a current Grade 9 student, has been caring for seven quail eggs in the Senior School Science Lab. Last week all seven eggs hatched and seven tiny quails survived. This is a terrific accomplishment as it is typical for only 50% of the hatchlings to survive. Kate has been allowing different grades to take care of the quails for a day and has also been providing a talk for each class about quails. She has done a great job!

The Junior High Girls soccer team completed their season this week. Two girls in Grade 6, Molly and Bryana, are members of this team. The girls had a great season, participating in the CAIS U13 National Schools' tournament and the Halifax Schools' League. At the National Tournament, the girls qualified for the championship round and finished 9th overall. A great accomplishment considering the size of our school compared to other teams. In the Halifax School's League the girls went undefeated, winning all of their games. Their final game on Wednesday was a hard fought 1-0 victory against Herring Cove. Well done on a fantastic season!

Latin Carnival Show

Great opportunity for our Spanish Students and those interested in Latin Culture to attend the Latin Carnival Show - this Sunday October 21 at the Halifax Central Library.

On Wednesday, twenty Junior School students from Grade 3 to 6 participated in the Gorsebrook City Schools Cross Country Meet. Gorsebrook is renowned for the huge hill the runners have to climb. All Armbrae students did terrifically well, with Ayla Williams and Noah Bishop winning their respective races. Well done to all participants for representing your school with such great pride!

This year in the Junior school we have over 30 clubs on offer, Gardening Club being one of them. This club takes place regularly on a Wednesday after school. A small group of enthusiastic gardeners and teachers have been working on the gardens outside the Grade 6 classroom. They have been making great progress and still have some exciting plans for the remaining parts of the garden. Feel free to come and have a look at their great work. Thank you to those students and teachers for taking the time to make our school better!

On Wednesday, September 26th, students participated in a special assembly about Terry Fox. Mr. Chambers led the assembly and spoke to the students about the challenge that Terry took on, his challenges and the impact he made on all Canadians at such a young age. On Monday, October 1st, students participated in the annual Terry Fox Walk/Run. The Grade 3 class can be seen enjoying a popsicle at the half way point courtesy of the Parents' Association. Well done to all students for contributing to Terry's legacy.

The Grade 6's got close up to some arthropods (from the Greek word for joint and foot), and learn to design a lab and write a lab report. Exoskeletons, jointed appendages and segmented bodies only add to the fun. Throw in some antennae and compound eyes and it is a regular riot!

Every Friday, Mr. LeBlanc and a large number of JS students have an informal jam session in the Junior School foyer. Songs from classic groups like Fleetwood Mac or a more modern performer such as Adele can be heard. After assembly, a few of these students will perform for the entire school. It is always a nice way to finish the week and without doubt puts a smile on the face of everyone in the audience. Last Friday, we had a special guest in Ms. Fougere. She played her guitar and sang a Willie Nelson song that had special meaning to her and her family. The audience erupted with applause at the end of her lovely rendition. Smiles abounded!