Last week was a fun filled and exciting week at Armbrae. On Wednesday, the entire school dressed in warm clothes and went on field trips. Primary - Grade 3 had a great time at Hatfield Farm and Grades 4 - 12 had a blast on the slopes at Martock. Thanks to Student Council for all their hard work organizing these events!

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a Grade Five math class this week as they were learning about fractions, percent and decimals. I was very impressed with how engaged the class was and how they used the Show Me app on the iPads to demonstrate their understanding to Mrs. McCormick. Keep up the great work, Grade Five!

The Junior School was treated to some fun science experiments this week by several of our Senior School Students. On Tuesday, Jessica, Jing Su and Ecem demonstrated two experiments for Preschool to Grade Three. They made elephant toothpaste and they turned a liquid into a solid! On Wednesday, Senior School students created a Science Olympics for Grades 4-6! The students were divided into house teams. Then they had to go to stations to make the best gondola, the tallest structure and they had to design a boat that would hold the most pennies.

Last Thursday, we presented our first Be Kind, Work Hard awards at a special assembly in the AARC. Recipients include Hazel Shaw and Hannah Roop (Junior School), Sam Ross and Sophie Pomeroy (Middle School), Ben Houlihan and Jing Su Gilmour (Upper School) and Jelisa Rushton (Teacher). These students (and teacher) have consistently demonstrated the values of kindness and hard work, and we are so proud to celebrate them.

Today the Friends of the IWK loaded up a truck full of refundables that they have been collecting from the classrooms since September. It's a heavy and dirty job, but they know their efforts go a long way towards helping raise money for children who are sick and need their help so it is well worth the effort. Thank you to the parents who dropped off their refundables to the school for the cause and a huge thank you to Mr Pemberton and John Ross and Sons for their continued support of our fundraising club.

The Queen's Commonwealth writing competition is the oldest and largest English language writing competition in the world and this past year there were over 11,000 entries. This year, there were 246 awards granted to people across the Americas and 8 of them were from Armbrae! The students are being recognized for writing they did last year with Mr. Jager and Mrs. McCormick. On Thursday, the winners and their parents were invited to a special award ceremony at Government House.

The winners were:
Gavin Tang (Grade 7) - Gold
Georgia Wallace (Grade 7) - Gold
Sasha Kolokolnikov (Grade 6)- Silver
Leila Faridi (Grade 6) - Silver
Daniel Wong (Grade 7) - Bronze
Terry Ding (Grade 7) - Bronze
Emma Bryson(Grade 7) - Bronze
Andrew Roth (Grade 7) - Bronze

Our Junior School production of Peter Pan was a tremendous success! I want to once again thank all the students for their hard work and a huge thank you goes to Ms. Barry and Mr. Leblanc who worked tirelessly with the students on this endeavour. Please stay tuned for details regarding digital copies of the play. In the meantime, Ms. Burt has copies of last year's production, Horton Hears a Who, available in her office for purchase ($10 per thumb drive).

The Grade Six class recently spent time in the Science Lab where they got to use the microscopes to examine amoeba, euglena and paramecium. The class loved being up in the Senior School Science Lab and the were very excited to get an up-close look at these microorganisms.

Congratulations to our two Lego Robotics teams who recently competed in the 2019 Metro Qualifying Robotics Tournament. Everyone worked so hard on this year's challenge and it definitely showed! Both teams should be very proud of the work they have done on the City Shaper challenge. One of our teams, the Architects, has been invited to the Provincial Championships at Acadia University in February!