Travel Programs

Grade 11 & 12 Europe Trip

Every other March Break, Grade 11 & 12 students head off on a two-week European adventure with teacher chaperones, taking in breathtaking sights, learning about history and experiencing different languages and cultures.

This trip is a significant part of the high school experience for our students. Not only do they have the opportunity to travel with their friends and classmates, but they are able to step outside their own experience and seek to understand the world from different perspectives. It is a trip that helps students build confidence, independence, and a greater understanding of the world we live in.

In 2016, the group visited Switzerland and Italy, travelling through Lucerne, Lake Como, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Assissi, Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri. It was an incredible experience and the students were able to see and do so much. The destinations for the 2018 Europe Trip will be announced this fall.

Grade 10 Washington Trip

In early May, the Grade 10s head off to Washington, DC, for 4 full days of visiting historic and cultural landmarks and hearing from prominent speakers.

Grade 8 & 9 Ottawa

The eight-day Ottawa trip is held every two years for the Grade 8 and 9 classes. (The most recent one was in 2016.) Stopping in Old Quebec coming and going, a Ghost Walk, jail tour and multimedia diorama will expose students to a wide swath of Quebec’s extensive and exciting colonial history. Working out of the Ottawa Jail Hostel for a very busy four days, we mine the rich resources of the city, including Parliament Hill (the Senate Chamber, Question Period), museums, the Supreme Court, and The National Art Gallery. To date we have had personal sessions with one Governor General, one Prime Minister, one Speaker, three party leaders, four MPs, and three Supreme Court Justices. The Ottawa Trip is one of the outstanding experiences of the Junior High curriculum

Grade 7 Louisbourg

A trip to the Fortress of Louisbourg is an established component of the Grade 7 Social Studies curriculum. At one time the largest historical/archaeological research project in Canada, the site and its staff offer us a second-to-none, tailor-made, interactive experience with artifacts recovered from the remains of the 18th century fortress.

Grades 5 & 6: Sherbrooke Village

The trip to Sherbooke Village is a two-night three-day trip. Students live in Sherbrooke Village and have the opportunity to participate in the hands-on history program. Students dress up in clothes that children would have worn in the 19th century. They get to participate in various village activities such as baking, sewing and wood working. They visit the blacksmith, make butter, go to school in the old school house and go on nature hikes.

Field Trips

In addition to the overnight travel opportunities listed above, our location in he heart of Halifax allows us to make day trips an integral part of our programme. Examples include: [Gr9 science observatory, ..., Grade 2 picks apples in the Annapolis Valley in the Fall, visits Hatfield Farms in the winter, explores the Discovery Centre and then, at the end of the year, goes to Hope for Wildlife.