How to Apply

Armbrae Academy requires that every applicant satisfy certain minimum academic requirements and have a positive attitude towards the school and its philosophy.  Armbrae Academy is a highly academic school, but it is also a thriving community full of individual talents and personalities. Our selection process has been designed to identify students who are not only able to succeed here academically but who will also contribute to the life of the School. In addition to our assessment, we place much emphasis on school reports and an interview. We want to be sure that the students who come here will make the most of the opportunities available to them.


As a first step, the Application for Admission should be completed in full by the parent(s) or guardian(s) and submitted online accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of $150. The completed application should include copies of the student's academic performance for the last two school years, together with the latest report(s). The parent(s) or guardian(s) must also attach the Confidential Report By Parent(s) and ensure that the Confidential School Report is sent to a teacher at the student's present school who is well acquainted with the student. All of these documents must be uploaded with the student's application before the student is given final consideration. 

Online Application

Entrance Examinations

A student applying for entry at Armbrae will be required to undergo an entrance assessment to determine the student's academic performance and the degree to which basic academic skills have been mastered. Applicants will be asked to attend Armbrae on a specified day for the purpose of writing the assessment. Applicants to Grade Primary will be given a readiness assessment.


It is required that prospective students from the Nova Scotia area meet by appointment with the Head of School or Admissions Director before or after the assessment is written. At this time the Head of School or Admissions Director will discuss with the applicant the School's program, philosophy, and code of conduct.

Decision to Admit – Grades 1-12

The decision to admit a student or not is determined by:

  1. The applicant having satisfied the academic requirements of Armbrae through the entrance assessment and prior scholastic achievements.
  2. The applicant having demonstrated a positive attitude towards the standards of dress, discipline, and philosophy required by Armbrae
  3. The receipt of the parent's confidential report and the previous school's confidential report attesting to the applicant's attitude, work habits, and performance.

When a student has been admitted, a place may be offered depending upon the availability of space in the grade. Priority may be given to an applicant who has siblings at Armbrae or is the child of an alumnus or alumna or faculty. If there is no space in the grade, the student will be placed in a waiting pool.

Admission does not guarantee that a place will ultimately be offered. If one is offered, however, a non-refundable tuition deposit of $1000.00 must be paid. Places offered to successful applicants will not be secured until the tuition deposit has been paid. The $1000 deposit will be deducted from the first term's fees, but the full $1000.00 is non-refundable if the applicant subsequently withdraws.

Entrance Requirements – Grade Primary

Students must be five years of age on or before December 31 for the year in which entry is sought.