Affording Armbrae

Tuition Fees

Annual tuition fees  for the 2021/22 academic year are as follows:

  • Lower School (Grades Primary-6): $17,184
  • Middle & Upper School (Grades 7-12): $17,771
  • Preschool for 3 year olds: $6750 (8am-Noon); $13,007 (8am-5:30pm; includes lunch)
  • Junior Primary for 4 year olds: $13,007 (8am-5:30pm; includes lunch) * Full Day Option Only

See conditions Below

Please note that Armbrae's fees for Grade P-12 include supervision before school (8-8:25am) and after school (up to 5:45pm) at no extra charge for 2021/22. 

Admission Fee

For Grade Primary to Grade 12, this is a one-time non-refundable Admission Fee of $2500 as a condition of attendance at the School for each of the first two children in a family. The Fee is payable by August 1, 2020, or immediately upon enrolment after that. This fee must be received in full prior to the student's first day in the School.


The cost of outfitting a new student in the compulsory school uniform will run from $450-$600 initially so parents should budget accordingly. The uniform must be purchased from the School's Uniform Shop, which is a condition of attendance for all students enrolled at Armbrae Academy.

Withdrawal by Request

The Head of School has the right to request, at any time, the immediate withdrawal of any student whose presence in the school the Head of School considers to be undesirable; students may be asked to withdraw either because of poor academic performance or because of misbehaviour.

Fee Conditions

Fees are non-refundable. Once a student is accepted, parents are liable for the full annual fee regardless of when a student leaves or for what reason, unless the school is successful in refilling the spot in your child’s grade. If the spot is refilled, then a refund will be made on a prorated basis.

An interest rate of 2% will be charged the first day of every month to any outstanding accounts.

Fees for a second child in the family will be reduced by $750 for the third and subsequent children the reduction will be $1000.

Financial Assistance

To ensure the school is accessible to those candidates that we believe would flourish at Armbrae we provide third party needs assessment through Apple Financial. The students here are individuals and it is the diversity of their backgrounds and interests that enriches our school community. Applications may be made through Apple Financial at