At Armbrae, current technology surrounds our students everywhere they go, thoughtfully integrated into classroom learning and extracurricular activities across the campus and community, and providing support in off-campus settings for study and collaboration.

Guiding Principles

Technology at Armbrae recognizes that:

  • Students will acquire technology skills best through integration in everyday teaching of all subjects;
  • Well-trained classroom teachers are the best conduits for transferring technology skills to students;
  • Technology can play a vital role in linking past, present and future constituents to the school and to each other;
  • A successful technology program must be current, responsive, flexible and tolerant of different user interests and abilities;
  • The technology be driven by the needs of the School’s constituents (students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff) and not by availability of hardware or software;
  • Privacy and ethics issues must always be considered as the use of technology grows and evolves within the School; and
  • As technology becomes increasingly integrated into the academic and administrative landscape of the School, it will be reflected in the level of technology support that resides in the School.

Classroom Integration

All Armbrae classrooms are equipped with Apple iMac computers connected to LCD projectors and interactive whiteboards (IWBs). A number of multimedia-ready classrooms also have integrated AppleTVs. Junior School classrooms have in-place student workstations (Apple iMacs), allowing students quick use of technology with no disruption of class routine.

Mobile Computing

The school has two laptop carts, each equipped with 20 Apple MacBook Air computers, and a tablet cart containing 25 Apple iPads. When teachers wish students to have small-group or 1-to-1 technology access they may choose either to bring their class to the Computer Lab or to bring the technology into their classrooms.

Cloud Computing

As a Google Apps for Education school, Armbrae provides age-appropriate access to a full suite of communication and collaboration tools from any location. These tools include email, messaging, calendaring, and document editing. Our learning management system, Schoology, provides a central location for students and parents to access course materials such as handouts and assignments.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is a busy space. It hosts regularly-scheduled Computer and Research Skills classes and is used by teachers of many different courses and levels on an as-needed basis. Students are welcome to use the lab as a quiet workspace during their free time. The lab is equipped with 10 iMac workstations as well as deskspace for another 12 laptop users. Printing services (both traditional and 3D!) are provided.

Network Infrastructure

Armbrae maintains redundant high speed connections to the Internet configured to automatically cover for each other. Current access speed is upwards of 100 Mbps, allowing both high bandwidth uploads and downloads and excellent reliability. End users connect through both wired and wireless access points.

Armbrae students don't have to look very far to find our technology—it surrounds and supports them at school and away.