Our Mission

Armbrae is a close-knit, educational community that prepares our students for university as life-long learners, critical thinkers and engaged citizens. Our integrated Preschool–12 environment promotes excellence, trust, integrity, fairness and compassion through a proven academic program, small class sizes, and an inclusive approach to extra-curricular activities.

Statement of Principles

This document outlines the goals and principles of Armbrae Academy. It offers general statements from which the details of the operations of the school and its programme should be derived. It is recognized that no single document can be consistent with, and encompass all viewpoints, but this statement strives to reflect the consensus of the school. This statement is intended to be a guide for Armbrae over the longer term, although it should be able to be revised if the community determines that attitudes within Armbrae towards education and society require some reconsideration.

A. Armbrae as a Community

  1. At Armbrae, it is recognized that students, staff, parents and alumni each have a vital contribution to make to the growth and development of its students and the institution.
  2. Armbrae will promote and foster the ideas of trust, integrity, fairness and compassion.
  3. In order to promote a caring and mutually supportive environment for students, staff and parents, and to foster awareness of and respect for the individual needs of students, the size of classes and the institution will be limited.
  4. While Armbrae works to help students achieve progress in all areas of growth and development, it is recognized that parents have ultimate responsibility for the social, emotional and moral development of their children.

B. Armbrae and its Students

  1. Students will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.
  2. Students will be encouraged to strive for excellence, to the best of their ability, in academic and extra-curricular pursuits at Armbrae.
  3. The students will be encouraged to be curious, to value knowledge and to see its pursuit as a lifelong endeavour.
  4. The students will be encouraged to develop their critical faculties with respect to all aspects of their education.
  5. The students will be encouraged to become adept at problem-solving through critical and creative thought, and responsible risk-taking, viewing mistakes as another opportunity for learning.
  6. Students will be encouraged to develop the good work habits, self-discipline and learning skills necessary to achieve their goals.
  7. Self-esteem, mutual respect and tolerance toward individual differences will be promoted.
  8. Students will be encouraged to understand and respect other peoples and nations and to develop a sense of responsibility towards the world at large.
  9. Students will be encouraged to oppose discrimination and to develop an awareness of the harms caused by discrimination based on differences such as gender, race, religion, culture, disability and sexual orientation.
  10. Physical and mental health will be promoted through the development of interests beyond the academic programme.

C. The Curriculum at Armbrae Academy

  1. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to succeed in university studies and priority should be given to this goal.
  2. Strong reading and writing skills shall be developed in all subject areas, including mathematics and the sciences.
  3. Armbrae supports the development of its academic programmes through co-operative efforts and continuing research in curriculum design, evaluation and teaching methods.

D. Armbrae Academy and its Staff

  1. Armbrae will promote respect and recognition of the staff for their commitment and service to the institution.
  2. Armbrae values and will support the intellectual and professional growth of the staff.

E. Armbrae and the Environment: Local and Natural

  1. Armbrae will try to work in collaboration with its neighbours and with other schools and related organizations.
  2. Armbrae will foster a spirit of environmental awareness in the Armbrae community by respectful use of resources and by reducing, re-using and recycling waste in its overall operations.

F. Armbrae and the Board of Governors

  1. The Board of Governors is responsible for providing the appropriate support and leadership to ensure that these principles can be achieved by students, staff, parents and alumni.