This week, Armbrae Junior School participated in two major cross country races. On Wednesday, just over thirty Grade 3-6 students participated in the City Schools Cross Country Meet at Gorsebrook Park. Our own Mr. Chambers organized the event and did a terrific job. All the boys and girls represented Armbrae incredibly well, giving their best effort and demonstrating excellent sportsmanship, and the school placed second overall! The next significant race was the Capital Regional Cross Country Meet. Five Grade 6 students participated, running in the Junior High Girls category. This category consisted of runners from Grades 6-8. In total there was just over 220 girls in the race. All five girls did fantastically well and as a team they placed 7th out of 18 teams. Elliot Chambers and Maren MacDonald both qualified for Provincials. Well done to all our Armbrae runners!

The Junior Girls' soccer team wrapped up a successful 2017 season on Wednesday, suffering their first and only loss of the season in a close, 1-0 contest with Halifax Grammar School.

Players from the Armbrae team said that they showed a great deal of improvement this year, which was reflected in their 3-1 win-loss record, and a total of 8 goals scored over 4 games. They worked to develop in key areas of the game, including working together to move the ball up the field, and passing accurately and consistently over the course of each match.

Next year they plan to come out strong, be more physical in their playing style, and go for an undefeated season in 2018!

On Thursday, the Primary and Grade 2 classes came together to talk about what they were thankful for. Each student told their peers what is was they were thankful for and then placed this on our Thankful Tree. Things that the children were thankful for ranged from their parents, their brothers or sisters or their friends. We have a lot to be thankful for!

On Wednesday, the Grade 1 and 2 classes went to Gates U Pick in Port Williams for an apple picking adventure. Not only did they come home with lots of apples, but they got to take a ride on a farm tractor that was carrying hay bales. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time. I have a feeling there will be a few apple pies baked this weekend.

The Junior High Girls Soccer team has produced a fantastic start to their season. This team consists of girls from Grades 6 to 9. Currently there are seven girls from our Grade 6 class, more than any other grade, that are on the team. They have played three matches to date and have won all three. What is even more impressive is the attitude and enthusiasm they have displayed at practice and in matches. Coach Farias, Yulan (Gr 8) and Lily's (Primary) father must also be commended on the great leadership and coaching he is providing the team. Well done girls, keep up the great play and the future looks bright for our girls soccer program.

Every year the students at Armbrae run/walk in memory of Terry Fox and his fight against cancer. This year was no different as all students made the trip to Point Pleasant Park and back. Upon arrival at Point Pleasant Park, the APA was on hand to treat runners/walkers with a popsicle. It was a lovely afternoon, with friends spending time with friends, but we must not forget the reason for our participation. Terry Fox is a person that we should remember, celebrate and continue to support his dream.

On a drizzly Wednesday afternoon,all students in Grades 3 to 6 participated in the ACIS Cross-Country Meet at Point Pleasant Park. There were a number of outstanding performances, with a huge number of Armbrae runners placing in the top ten, but that did not compare to the positive attitude and support that each student showed for their fellow Armbrae runners. Armbrae placed 2nd out of the five schools participating, but was definitely 1st in terms of sportsmanship and positive attitude and that is what is important. Well done to all the Grade 3 to 6 runners!

On Thursday, all students in the Junior School visited the Bedford Institute of Oceanography for their Open House Expo. This event takes place every five years and consisted of 78 different exhibitions about various animals, resources and environmental issues related to our oceans. There were many highlights to the trip, but the two dead sharks stole the show.

"In French 10 we have been working to get to know one another better, and welcoming new and returning students. This week students created Biopoèmes in which they shared interesting details about themselves."

- Mme. Gardner (French Teacher)

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